About Us

We're dedicated to the operation and hosting of Minecraft servers, both for ourselves and the wider Michigan Tech community. Hosting is kindly provided by WMTU, an on-campus radio station.

If you're interested in becoming a member or want to reach out, join our Discord server or email kube@mtu.edu.

Our code is open-source and can be found at github.com/Keweenaw-Kube.

All servers that we run have Simple Voice Chat installed. Simple Voice Chat provides a number of benefits over other voice services like Discord: low latency, high audio quality, spatial audio, and proximity chat. If you want to use Simple Voice Chat:

  1. Install the Fabric Loader
  2. Add the Fabric API to your mods folder
  3. Add Simple Voice Chat to your mods folder
  4. After joining a server, you can adjust voice settings by pressing v
If you would like to use OptiFine as well, you can add OptiFabric & OptiFine to your mods folder.